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Bevan project Starting Well, a pre conception care initiative which empowers women and their families to improve the outcome of future generations by optimising their physical, psychological and social wellbeing prior to conception has developed a database of contraception resources translated into four common languages spoken by new migrants in the UK.

Starting Well takes a MECC (Making Every Contact Count) approach and all people of childbearing age will be asked if they are planning a pregnancy in the next when they register with Bevan. Depending on their answer they will be directed to one of the resources which help them either prepare for pregnancy or ensure they are on suitable contraceptives so they can choose when and if they want to become pregnant.

The scheme is pioneered by leading women’s health expert and Bevan GP Dr Anne Connolly MBE who says;

“We want to make sure all women, no matter their background, have the opportunity to become pregnant by choice and not by chance. Bevan patients are marginalised due to social or economic circumstances and by things like language and cultural barriers to accessing healthcare information. So using coproduction to produce the correct messaging will empower them with knowledge and allow them to make choices that are right for them at that time.”

Dr Anne Connolly MBE

The Bevan Starting Well contraception resources database is searchable by criteria such as how often you have to take them or if they offer STI protection and has been translated into four languages commonly spoken in temporary migrant accommodation; Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish Sorani and Arabic, meaning that those people new to the UK and wishing to continue to start taking contraception will now find it easier to understand the advice and choose the right contraception for them.

The database can be found here: Contraceptives – Bevan Healthcare (

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