Inclusive Health and Wellbeing at Bevan Healthcare

Support Drop-in with the Social Prescribers

- Monday

If you need support with anything, our Social Prescribers will be in reception to help you directly or signpost you to the services you need. This week they are available at the following times:

Monday 9am – 1pm with Lubna Rasul

Tuesday 9am – 1pm with Nahila Dawood

Thursday 9am – 1pm with Aneesa Hussain

Thursday 1pm – 5pm with Lubna Rasul

The Social Prescribers can help you with:

Finding a Benefits Advisor near to where you live if you need help filling out forms, such as Universal Credit or PIP forms

Understanding letters you have received

Knowing where to go if you want to go to any groups and activities, such as English Classes, sports activities, parent and baby groups, for example

Accessing food banks and where you can buy cheaper food in Bradford

If there is anything they can’t help you with, they will try to find someone or a service that can.

Everybody welcome.

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