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Bradford Bevan Pathway Team

The Bradford Bevan Pathway team is based within the Bradford Royal Infirmary and runs in partnership with Bradford teaching hospitals. The team works with homeless or unsuitability housed patients with complex needs who have recently been admitted to an acute hospital setting or have attended A&E. The team carries out a holistic assessment of each patients needs and a support plan is put in place in preparation for discharge. Support plans often include addressing issues such as housing, mental health, benefits, substance misuse, alcohol issues, benefit problems and other complex social issues.

The aims of the team are to 

  • Transform patient’s experience of both hospitalization and discharge.
  • Assist in challenging healthcare attitudes, behaviour and practice when dealing with this complex patient group.
  • Establish empathetic relationships
  • Patients are valued as individuals
  • Care and support is provided with compassion, commitment and quality
  • Provide a holistic individual approach linking secondary care with both primary care and the voluntary sector, to enable patients to receive the care and support that need and deserve.
  • Support in reducing hospital admissions and A&E attendances by providing patients with the appropriate support with both their physical health and social complexities

Reductions in secondary care from October 2013 to January 2018 were demonstrated at 

  • A&E attendances- 42%
  • Hospital Admission -49%
  • Bed days-58%

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