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What is homelessness

Homelessness is a broad term and can mean many things. Rough sleeping is one of the severest and most visible forms of homelessness. Homelessness can also mean living in temporary accommodation, sofa surfing, or being otherwise insecurely housed. This is because those situations can lead to similar social and health iniquities as sleeping on the streets. Sometimes the forms of homelessness which are not rough sleeping are referred to as hidden homelessness. Often the female experience of homelessness is ‘hidden’. 

Those who experience homelessness in any form have often experienced trauma and have complex needs. The British Medical Journal describes the tri morbidity of homelessness here where chronic homelessness means people are more likely to suffer mental ill health, physical ill health and substance misuse.

Nobody becomes homeless through choice and often there are multiple reasons which can cause people to spiral into homelessness.

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