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New Advice for Completing New Asylum Questionnaires

Refugee Action have recently published new advice to those completing asylum questionnaires and a highly useful translated FAQ section which can help both asylum seekers and case workers. The FAQ document is translated into Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Dari, Farsi, Kurdish Karmanji, Kurdish Sorani and Tigrinya. The FAQs give crucial advice to help asylum seekers fill out the questionnaire and explains some of the risks of not completing the form properly. It provides advice on who to ask for help in filling out the questionnaire. The resource also includes crucial advice for caseworkers in what to do if asked to help complete a questionnaire.

Nicki Batley, Head of Partnerships and Customer Experience for Bevan said,

We provide health and wellbeing care for marginalised communities including those in the refugee and asylum seeking system. While we do not provide advice on asylum applications we really welcome this resource as something we can signpost our patients to. We thank our partnership connections and the third sector for sharing this essential information and we urge anyone supporting those with asylum claims to take a closer look.

The resource can be found here at For sign posts for further resources to help refugees and asylum seekers please visit our health and wellbeing resource database.

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