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New Look for Bevan

Bevan are delighted to reveal a new look identity and strapline. Previously known as Bevan Healthcare, we have removed ‘healthcare’ from our name to reflect the fact that we offer a holistic service to our patients including social and wellbeing care as well as primary medical care.

We have rebranded our look with a new logo which features a heart and a hand in the shape of a ‘B’ for Bevan. We are named Bevan after Nye Bevan, the founder of the NHS and continue to uphold the founding principles of the NHS that no person should be denied access to healthcare regardless of their means or social situation.

Bevan are an innovative and pioneering social enterprise based in West Yorkshire. We were established to provide primary healthcare for those who experience social exclusion such as refugees, asylum seekers and people who experience homelessness or insecure housing. We have continued to develop our services in response to the needs of our patient populations and we have evolved to provide a range of wellbeing services as well as NHS commissioned primary healthcare.

Our strapline is now ‘Inclusive Health and Wellbeing’ because this better describes the services we offer. This is a move away from our old strapline ‘Health, Hope and Humanity’ but we remain committed to these values, and they continue to inform how we deliver all our services. As such you will see these values feature in artwork and across social media.

The redesign was pioneered by Marketing Strategist, Abigail Furniss and was executed by Leeds based agency Banana Kick.

Abigail Furniss said, “As soon as I began work for Bevan, I could see that I was working for a truly innovative organisation and one with an admirable ethical and nurturing ethos. The average age of Bevan’s patients is 33 and it was clear to me the brand required a refresh. I was keen that the rebrand created a contemporary identity for Bevan which would work across digital platforms and reflect the organisations values. I’m delighted with the result.”

Gary McCall, Chief Executive at Banana Kick said, “We wanted to create a brand identity for Bevan that gives a modern expression of their inclusive community services and something that their dedicated team can be proud of now and in the future.”

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