Inclusive Health and Wellbeing at Bevan Healthcare

The Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experience

Inspired by Refugee Week’s Simple Acts campaign, Bevan encouraged patients and staff to share their migration stories.

One woman shared this heartfelt and moving story of her experience of being and asylum seeker.

Her honesty and integrity in the face of the trauma of the asylum system make this a must read for anyone interested in knowing more about what it actually feels like to be an asylum seeker in the UK today. Read it here

Children share their hopes and dreams. Watch the video on our You Tube Channel.

Asylum Seeker Children

Bevan hosted a workshop for children and young people seeking asylum in the UK to share their hopes and dreams through art.

Their drawings, alongside artwork by children and young people supported by the HEARTS project and Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity Group, were used to produce an animation funded by the International Child Health Group.

The animation seeks to highlight that child migrants are children first, with a right to protection, health, education and support.

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