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UK Citizenship for Bevan Receptionist

All of us at Bevan are so proud of our receptionist Rosana Bebejian for becoming a UK citizen! Here she is at her UK citizenship ceremony last month at Bradford City Hall. Rosana has worked for Bevan since 2019 before which Rosana was registered as a patient with Bevan due to her refugee status.

The ceremony is the final step to becoming a British citizen. It is a way of formally welcoming people into their community, as well as welcoming them as a new British citizen. Each new citizen to make promises and say an oath to the sovereign, that they will be a faithful citizen.

Commenting on her new status as a UK citizen, Rosana said,

’I’m really pleased and proud. I started as a refugee patient at Bevan, ended up as British Citizen Healthcare Coordinator working with the reception team… Thank you, Bevan for being part of my life in the UK

Find out more about citizenship on the government website here.

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